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Total Joint Replacement Specialist

Amun Makani, MD, MBA, FAAOS -  - Sports Medicine

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Amun Makani, MD, MBA, FAAOS

Sports Medicine & Knee and Shoulder Specialist located in St. Petersburg, FL

If you have a joint that’s degenerated beyond repair and other treatment options haven’t effectively relieved your pain or other symptoms, you might need a total joint replacement. At Ascend Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine in St. Petersburg, Florida, Amun Makani, MD, MBA, FAAOS, and his team provide comprehensive joint preservation treatments as well as total joint replacement when necessary. If you have chronic joint pain that’s interfering with your mobility or quality of life, call Ascend Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.

Total Joint Replacement Q & A

What is total joint replacement?

A joint replacement is an advanced orthopaedic surgery that involves removing severely diseased or damaged joint tissue and replacing it with medical-grade plastic or metal prosthetics.

Dr. Makani and the team at Ascend Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine can replace nearly any joint in your body, although the most commonly replaced joints are your knees, hips, and shoulders.

When would I need a total joint replacement?

Severe osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for total joint replacement. You might also need total joint replacement if you have a severe fracture or another type of disease.

Dr. Makani and his team usually try to treat your painful joint with less invasive therapies before recommending total joint replacement. Some of the signs you might benefit from total joint replacement include:

  • Other treatments haven’t relieved your symptoms
  • Your pain affects your mobility and ability to complete day-to-day tasks
  • Your pain keeps you awake at night
  • Your pain is affecting your mental and emotional health

If you’re concerned about joint pain, contact the team at Ascend Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine for an assessment.

What are the available types of joint preservation treatments?

Dr. Makani’s first approach is always joint preservation. He offers customized treatment plans to relieve your pain and heal your joints. For example, he might recommend a Synvisc-One® injection to relubricate your arthritic joints.

Alternatively, Dr. Makani also provides regenerative medicine treatments, including stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, to help restore damaged joints.

He also recommends physical therapy and a variety of other treatments to reduce pain and restore your mobility and quality of life.

What should I expect from a total joint replacement?

If total joint replacement is necessary, you’re in expert hands with Dr. Makani. He’s fellowship-trained in both joint preservation and replacement.

While you’re under general anesthesia, he carefully removes your damaged tissue and replaces it with high-quality prosthetics.

You might need to spend a few days in the hospital recovering from your total joint replacement. However, you start physical therapy soon after your surgery to help protect your muscles and connective tissue while your body heals.

As you progress through your recovery, you continue to build strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Call Ascend Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine or make an appointment online today for expert joint preservation and total joint replacement services.

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